I don't know about you, but I love pajamas! My body loves to be comfy and PJs are it. 24 hours a day works for me.

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Pajama facts I learned surfing the web ...

In the United States pajamas are spelled pajamas. But in other countries they are spelled pyjamas. I wonder if they are prounounced differently? puhjamas verus pihjamas.

Basically, pajamas seem to be any loose fitting casual wear. My definition is they must be worn to bed, but apparently there is now "day wear" also referred to as pajamas. I can see that while hanging around the house, but not going out into public!

The English word is based on a Hindu word for leg garment. According to the website which is an expert about everything: Wikipedia, pajamas only came about around 1800, and only more recently became popular.

What did they call sleepwear before then? Did everyone sleep in the buff? I guess Wikipedia isn't the expert about everything :)

My Thoughts

Pajamas are comfortable to wear. They can be fun to wear. Sometimes they can even be a little naughty, although that might be the dividing line between pajamas and lingerie.

In my book, I like comfy. And warm. Curl me up anytime under the covers with some cozy pjs and a dog at my feet!

Interesting Stuff

I looked up pajamas movies at IMDB and up popped this Pink Panther movie reference from 1929 starring Billy Bevan:

IMDB also says this Bevan guy died in 1957. Pink Panther Mania notes the first Pink Panther movie was not created until 1963.

So what's up IMDB? And why are you showing the Pink Panther for a search on movies about pajamas?

Anyway, assuming the movie database is to be believed about anything, the first movie title about pajamas was a black and white flick from 1903 called the "The Pajama Statue Girls". The silent film was made in New York - and then there is absolutely no information about the movie at all. Looking around the web apparently this bit of history is gone. The first movie about pajamas and there are no pictures, plot summaries, or anything at all.

The Pajama Statue reference makes me think of Vogue by Madonna. A bunch of women, dressed in pajamas, making various poses. After all, Madonna has been known to go around in her pajamas (and less).

The most expensive pajamas I found online were $9999. Can you believe it? For kids pjs!

Check out this picture from Amazon:

I've read that Amazon has really been upping their prices and may not be the place to find deals any more. But $9999 is ridiculous. Either these are really rare jammies, or Amazon computer algorithms which set prices are running wild. How about this for an idea? A real set price instead of letting computers automatically move prices up and down.